Tracks Leather

[textproject title="Tracks Leather"]On ear headphone leather edition. Under development, launch date to be announced.[/textproject][imgproject title="image 2" image="743"][imgproject title="image 1" image="704"]

Tube Chair

[textproject title="Tube chair is conceived as an outdoor wood chair in a contemporary expression."]Introduced by Eames, perfected by Jacobsen it has been the weapon of choice for decades leaving the outdoor wood chair behind in arrested development as chunky and clumsy chairs from the past.[/textproject][imgproject title="image 1" image="732"][imgproject title="image 2" image="731"]

Bulb Fiction

[heading text="Heading" tag="h3" align="center"][textproject title="The fixture creates the illusion of a classic incandescent bulb."]Bulb Fiction is close to the original, but the classic shape has been scaled up and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one iconic shape. The same applies to the cord, which has been given extra volume using [...]