Shanghay Chair

[textproject title="Designed for the Danish Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo."]PThe bench is made from pliable plancs (two for the seat and two for the back) that move seamlessly through the pavilion to form picnic areas, lounges, safety barriers and bars.[/textproject][imgproject title="image 3" image="738"][imgproject title="image 1" image="739"][imgproject title="image 2" image="740"][imgproject title="image 4" image="741"][imgproject title="image 5" [...]

Hang Around

[textproject title="The kitchen utensils combine form, function and craftsmanship."]The innovative extrusion cut in the back of Hang Around lets you work freely in the kitchen, while your utensils hang out on your pots or pans. Toss Around, the salad servers, tell the same story of craftsmanship, materials and processes used for centuries.[/textproject][sliderproject title="Slider" gallery="728,729,727"][imgproject title="image [...]


[textproject title="Inspired by the award-winning Kilo design."]Intended for both professional and everyday use, these headphones have an all-rounded, articulate and balanced sound.[/textproject][imgproject title="image 5" image="748"][imgproject title="image 1" image="744"][imgproject title="image 2" image="745"][imgproject title="image 3" image="746"][imgproject title="image 6" image="749"][imgproject title="image 4" image="747"]